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Simply TV – IPTV Reseller and IPTV Affiliate Program

Basic IPTV Reseller Program

Get credits at a discounted rate to resell to the public (family, friends, and customers). This is ideal for a person who just wants to get service free every month. For example, If I get reseller credits for $15 a month and sign up 4 customers under me for $20 a month, my service will therefore be FREE. 

Simply TV IPTV Reseller Program

Master IPTV Reseller Program

This program takes the basic IPTV reseller program to a whole another level. In this program there will be branded APK’s of whatever you want to call your brand. This program gives you the option to make your own IPTV service and call it whatever you want and most importantly, charge whatever you want. You will receive a fully functional IPTV Panel for you to control all your customers by extending subscriptions and disconnecting devices as well as creating distributors to start selling your service to others. You will be able to make all your distributors basic control panels to store their credits and see account information like device link codes and username/password. You will also be able to see all your subscribers information and how many people are watching TV at one time. We do have upgraded API that automatically generates accounts upon payment from your customers. 

There are different levels of the master reseller program including:

Only customized APK (Logo and Information) – $50 initial fee (1 update to apk free)

Customized APK and Website to match – $200 initial fee – We will customize your APK and build you a full website, so now you will have a legit IPTV service and somewhere to send your customers.

IPTV Reseller Credits – $15 a month (3 devices, so really like $5 a device)

                            Minimum of 10 credits

Simply TV IPTV Reseller & IPTV Affiliate Program