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Simply TV – IPTV FAQ -Frequent Asked Questions Page

This page answers all the Simply TV questions that customers have regarding the Simply TV service – Simply TV provides a database for users to go to answer some of the questions they might have about their IPTV subscription

Simply TV - IPTV FAQ - The best IPTV

SET TV FAQ - Support Page for SETVNOW giving customers all the tutorials of how to install and the specifications of the best IPTV service - SET TV FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

The Simply TV IPTV FAQ page gives users the knowledge of how to download apps to devices and to other specific questions that they may have about this service

What Is The Recommended Speed? 2018-02-15T21:36:38+00:00


What Internet Speed Does Simply TV Require?


It is recommended that a user have a minimum speed of 5mbps, but for guaranteed quality with no buffering I would personally recommend around the upward of 10mbps

What Kind of Devices Will Simply TV Work On? 2018-02-11T18:40:49+00:00

Devices That Are Compatible With Simply TV

Android box 5.1 or higher, android phones or tablets & set top boxes. Amazon FireBox & Fire Stick, Nvidia shield and more. We also have apps that will work on MACBOOK and Windows pc!

Simply TV The Best IPTV Subscription

You can watch Simply TV IPTV on any device.

All paid accounts (Best IPTV around) will have 3 device codes to be used on tablets, phones, android boxes, amazon firestick, set top boxes.

Simply TV can also be watched through the Windows PC and Mac app with Username/Password provided after payment

Any device android 5.1 OS or higher

Windows App: windows phone, tablet or PC



Does Simply TV Work In Other Countries 2018-02-15T21:37:09+00:00


Simply TV IPTV works anywhere with a internet connection. 

If one of the codes is used on a phone, someone can watch television anywhere they have wifi or mobile network. 

How to remove or change device? 2018-02-11T18:46:36+00:00

“Can I change and replace my active device?”

Yes! Most Certainly You can change your device for another

Device Codes: Unused Device Link Codes will expire after a period of time for security reasons. To get a fresh code simply login to the store, go to My Account and select RENEW and the Expired Device Code will be refreshed. Device Code Expiration is not related to when your subscription expires.

To unlink/remove device you will need to contact us via live chat/email/call. We will remove it on our system.